Madame Caterpillar

I’m Madame Caterpillar : an overweight, laid-back, single, female opera singer living in London trying to rub enough pennies together to pay for the fabulous life of smoked salmon, indulgent smelly cheeses and prosecco!

Myself and RunnyRosina (the other singingfoodie) LOVE food…it actually turns us on! Pretty much the only things we talk about on here will be: Food, Opera, Men and Manners!

The problem is – I need to lose a bit of poundage…well a lot, like 3 and a half stone in order to allow myself to run around on stage and not fall into the orchestra pit, complaining of chest pains whilst squashing the cellist with my rotund bottom!

I will be hoping to share my weight-loss story through our ideas of Sexy Healthy Food. I will be coached by my far slimmer, far healthier, yet slightly OCD friend RunnyRosina (who is also an opera singer!) You’ll meet her as soon as she has the time to write a post and stops cleaning, running, cooking, organising, singing, teaching, tweeting etc

Hoping to start flapping my bingo wings, eat Sexy Healthy Food and become Madame Butterfly in the next few months!

Hope you enjoy my enormous quest!